Painting Over Artex

Simple and unique ways to tackle textured Artex paint jobs

A textured Artex paint job might take more consideration than painting a smooth surface, but it doesn’t have to be boring. When painting over Artex, use your textured Artex surface to inspire your décor for a really unique room.

Painting over Artex - preparing for a textured Artex paint job

If you’ve recently applied your textured pattern, and are considering painting over Artex:

  • Ensure the Artex Textured Finish is completely dry before decorating
  • Correct any unwanted or damaged texture (e.g. overly prominent texture ‘nibs’) with a stripping knife or sand paper
  • Ensure the surface is free from dirt, grease and dust

If your surface is a little more worn, it’s especially important to get rid of any dust, grease or dirt. When dry, textured surfaces can be painted with a good quality emulsion, ensure you follow the manufacturers’ instructions for porous surfaces. For areas especially prone to dirt and stains such as kitchens and bathrooms, you may want to consider stain resistant emulsion products when painting over Artex.

Textured Artex paint ideas

There is no one way of painting your textured surface. For a room that stands out, why not let your pattern inspire your paint?

  • Compliment your Broken Leather texture with a velvety, chocolate brown feature wall
  • Give Fan or Shell patterns a little elegance with a metallic or iridescent paint colour
  • Turn an abstract Knifed texture into a geometric, block colour masterpiece
  • Experiment with a gradient ombre effect on Stipple textures

Take your Artex paint job further

For really unique textured Artex paint effects, consider alternative painting tools. For example dabbing with a sponge rather than a brush makes it easier to blend colours. You can also try out textured or patterned rollers and brushes to compliment your texture surface.

Find out how you can achieve popular Artex ceiling patterns with our step by step guide. Or if your surface is in need of a fresh start, see our tips on plastering over Artex.