Using the Artex Easifix Render Repair Kit

Here’s an easy way to restore damage to your rendered walls.

Using the Artex Easifix Render Repair Kit, you’ll have all you need to repair external render and keep it weather-resistant, for a long-lasting repair.

Render Crack Repair step-by-step guide

Surface Preparation

Remove any loose material or debris. It is advisable to add masking tape to the edges of the repair area to prevent damage to existing render.


The next stage in our render crack repair guide is mixing. To prevent irritation to the skin, the use of the supplied gloves is recommended. Ensure tools and mixing bucket are clean and free from set pieces of render. Gradually add 5kg of render to 800ml of clean water. Mix for 2 minutes until a smooth mix is achieved.


Apply the render using the filling knife to the required depth (max. 25mm) and finish. Avoid “feathering out” too thin. Remove the masking tape and any excess material and allow to dry. Using a sponge lightly rub the render to achieve the desired effect and to blend with the existing material. Clean tools and bucket using warm soapy water immediately after use.

Application - Drying time

Allow 2 – 3 days to cure before decorating.


This kit is sufficient to repair a hole 400mm diameter when applied 20mm deep.


Store off the floor in a clean and dry environment as absorption of moisture can affect the performance of the product. If stored correctly, the shelf life is 12 months.